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Our Full Choice CSA

CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.  It is a strategy which allows small farms like ours to survive by skipping the middleman and selling directly to consumers.  It also means that these consumers become members of our farm community and support us by paying up-front for their food for the whole year.  In other words, we have a contract with our CSA Members to grow food for them. 

We sell our farm products only to our CSA Members.  You will not find our products at stores or Farmer's Markets.  We rely on our CSA Members to keep us going, and some of them have been with us now since 2007.  We enjoy this direct relationship, and we strive to keep our customers connected to our farm with newsletters, recipes, and Open Farm events.  We invite you to join our farm community by becoming a member of our CSA.  Please read this whole page to learn how it works and then Contact Us to start your membership.

Some Background: In 2016, we grew a lot more crops than our customers bought, so we had to sell them at wholesale prices to Sundance Natural Foods.  While we are extremely grateful to Sundance for buying our produce, we cannot afford to hire employees to work the crops if we sell them wholesale, because the Oregon minimum wage is now going up 50 cents per year.  We are too small of a farm to sell at the Farmer’s Market and we are not permitted to sell our meat there.

At this point, we are unwilling to invest the time and money in planting our crops and buying our chicks first and then gambling on finding enough CSA customers to buy them by the time they are ready to harvest.  We are going back to the original intent of a CSA, which is that customers make a commitment to buy the products BEFORE they are planted or hatched.  But our CSA will still offer full choice because we have the technology to let you order exactly how much you want of each product we offer.  The difference is that now you have to choose in January, what you want for the whole year.  For 2017, the pre-ordered period for vegetables and chicken is already closed.  We are still accepting orders for lamb, pork, apples, pears, and apple/pear products, which will all be available in the fall.

Becoming a CSA Member

If you contact us about becoming a CSA Member, I will send you the Pre-Order Form (both an Excel version and a pdf version) which you can fill in to show how much of each product you want to purchase in each month of 2017 and the beginning of 2018. Cells that are gray on this form indicate that those products are not available during those months.   Notice that each product has a unit (pound, bunch, each, etc.) and a price.  Unlike in the past, I am setting a price for each item which will not change over the course of the year.  Most of these prices are lower than in the past, but now there are no sales, bulk prices, or discounts (except maybe for apples, in the fall.)

If you would like to buy any products from our farm in 2017, I need you to fill in the white cells in Pre-Order Form with how much of each item you want each month.  You do not need to buy products every month; just fill in the cells for the items and months that you want them. The quantities you enter do not have to be whole numbers; you can use decimals.  You can do this on your computer in the Excel file and email it to me, or you can print out the pdf file, fill it in by hand, and mail it to me.  If you do it on your computer, it should automatically compute your total cost per month.  Pre-Order forms were due Jan 21.  We are already closed for vegetable and chicken orders, but we are still accepting orders for lamb, pork, apples, pears, and apple/pear products, which will all be available in the fall.

If you send me a pre-order for 2017, you are not yet committed to purchasing those items.  I will look at the total amount of each item each month that customers want to purchase and decide if I can grow those amounts.  If only one person wants a small amount of yacons, I probably will not grow them.  If many people want tomatoes in July but no one wants them in August, I might try to get folks to change their buying schedule.  So it will take a bit of email or phone calls to negotiate a contract with each of you, and we will also work out where you will get your products and how often during each month you want to get them. 

Once we have reached an agreement of what I will grow for you, I will send you a contract to sign and a bill for the total amount for the year.  If you cannot pay the total amount in February, I will split the bill up into installments to be paid every month in the first part of the year.  There will be an extra charge added if you pay in installments, just like when you pay your car insurance, for example.  The charge will be 3% if you pay in 3 installments (Feb-Apr), or 6% if you pay in 6 installments (Feb-July).

Then, in the last week of each month, I’ll send an email to you about the products that you have pre-ordered which will be available in the coming month.  That email will contain a schedule for getting those products.  If the products keep well, like onions, you will get your whole month’s order all at once.  More perishable products, like lettuce, you will get weekly or bi-weekly. If you are getting a lot of products at once and live in town, I can deliver it to your door, or we can continue using the three existing drop-sites in Eugene or the outside fridge at the farm.  During each month, if we have extra products or a shortage, I will let you know.  If we have extra products, you can use your account on our website to order more than your pre-order amount.  At the end of each month, I will send you a statement showing what you’ve received and what you owe (if any).    Since you might order extra products or we might have a crop failure, you might owe more or have credit in your account.  If you get to your last month of pre-order with credit in your account you can choose to get a refund or have it roll into 2018.

If you are interested in work-trading to reduce the cost of your items, please let me know.  We always offer work-trade in July for butchering chickens and in October for making apple cider, but we could also have you work-trade on other tasks.

To join our CSA, you need to have an email account that you check daily.  You need to notify us promptly if you change your email address and you need to make sure that our emails are not getting sent to your junk folder.  We expect you to read our emails carefully and respond promptly when requested.

Once you have paid your first bill, you will get an account on our website.  Once you have an account on our website, we will send you a user name and password.  After you log in, you will see the extra products we currently have available listed on the right side of the Home page. These are products that are available in excess of those which were pre-ordered.  You can click on the items and use the shopping cart to order the items and quantities that you want. You will not pay for them online; instead the order will go into our accounting program and you will get a monthly bill by email. You can then mail us a check. If, for some reason, we do not have the product you ordered, we will cancel or reduce your order, and you will get an email telling you that.

If you put items in a shopping cart on our website but fail to change the order to "Pending" by the order deadline, we will change the order to Pending and fill the order, so don't leave stuff in your shopping cart if you don't want it.  All website account holders will get a weekly email from us with a list of what products we have available on our website.

At the beginning of every month, you will get a bill by email which will include charges for your yearly contract not yet paid and charges for the extra products you ordered from our website in the previous month.  Payment is expected within 10 days of the date of this bill.  You can mail us a check or bring cash or a check to the farm.  If your payment is late, you will be charged a $5 late fee and you will not be able to receive any more products until you have paid.  If your check bounces, you will be charged a fee of $25.

If you need to cancel a delivery, you must do so at least 4 days before that delivery to avoid a charge and you get only one free change per month.  For a change less than 4 days in advance or more than once per month, you will be charged a $2 service charge.  If products are delivered, you will be charged for them whether you pick up or not.  At your pick-up site, on your pick-up day, your products will be in the cooler or fridge, labeled with your name.  You can pick up at your convenience during the designated hours whether or not anyone is home and you don't need to let the residents know you are there.  If you forget to pick up, the drops site host will attempt to contact you.  If you don't make prompt arrangements to pick up, you will forfeit your products.  If I am delivering to your door, you need to put out a cooler for me to deliver into if you are not home.  If you forget, the products will be left unprotected from the elements and the critters.

If you wish to cancel your contract before you have received all the food, you will not get a refund, but you can transfer or sell the contract to someone else.  We also will not give refunds for closed accounts that contain  $10 or less. If we run short on products, we give priority to members who pay on time, buy a lot, and have been with us for a long time.

If you would like to become a CSA Member, please contact us.  The following provides more details about subscribing for our products:

Organic Produce

We offer a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.  Our farm uses organic methods but is not certified organic. We do not use any chemical fertilizers or any pesticides, not even those allowed by organic rules.  We test our soil and add organic amendments to balance the minerals, producing nutrient-dense food and super healthy plants which can resist plant diseases and pests.  We also keep ducks and chickens nearby to eat pests.  Most of our compost is made with manure from our own animals and ingredients from our own land.  In order to preserve wildlife habitat, we have refrained from cutting trees or draining wetlands on our land, so our produce gardens are tucked into the few sunny and dry areas.  We tend these small plots mostly by hand or with a small Mantis tiller; our small tractor comes in only once or twice a year.

We offer produce year-round, but it is most abundant from June to February.  In order to see the produce we have currently available, you need to have an account on our website.   Contact us if you want to see a list of produce we have grown in the past.

Meat and Honey

We feed certified organic feed and use organic methods, but our farm is not certified organic.  Our animals live happy lives, with lots of space, at least one companion, daily time outdoors eating live plants, shelter from the weather, and protection from predators.  We do not harm any predators and we preserve and enhance wildlife habitat on our farm.

We still have some stewing hens in the freezer from when we used to raise laying hens.  In the future, we will raise and butcher young roosters and sell them as Broilers or Roasters.  When we butcher chickens, we sell the hearts, livers, gizzards, and feet as separate items. 

We raise pigs some years.  These are usually sold by the half or whole.  The same goes for Lamb.  See our Meat page for more details.

We have two beehives and sometimes we sell honey.


Please Contact Us to join our CSA and fill out your Pre-Order now.


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