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Welcome to the Living Earth Farm!

Located on 15 acres just west of the city limits of Eugene, Oregon, the Living Earth Farm was started in July 2007 by the Blick Family: Sharon, Jim, and Selena. Inspired by the book The Omnivore's Dilemma, we aim to grow food in a truly sustainable way while also increasing our community's food security. We use no chemicals, little fuel, and solar energy.  Our goals include raising happy animals, connecting people to their food, restoring native plants and wildlife habitat, and educating others, all while working together as a family and having fun in the process!


We raise chickens, lambs, and pigs for meat. We also grow fruit and vegetables using organic practices. We feed certified organic feed to all the animals. We practice Management Intensive Grazing, moving our happy animals to fresh pasture at least every week.


Contact Us NOW to Pre-Order Products for 2017-18

We have changed our CSA format. We are going back to the original intent of a CSA, which is that customers make a commitment to buy the products BEFORE they are planted or hatched.  But our CSA will still offer full choice because we have the technology to let you order exactly how much you want of each product we offer.  The difference is that now you have to choose in January, what you want for the whole year. For 2017 we are already finished taking orders for vegetables and chicken.  We still have some lamb, pork, and fruit available in the fall which is not yet reserved.  See our CSA page for more details.

We offer:

Chicken:  Organic, pasture-raised, unconfined Rhode Island Reds, a dual-purpose heritage breed listed on Slow Foods Ark of Taste.  Processed on-farm as stewing hens and broilers.

Pork:  Pork from happy hogs with room to run and dig, fed certified organic feed plus our organic produce

Lamb:  Grass-fed lamb from our organic pastures

Produce:  A wide variety of organically-grown nutrient-dense fruits and vegetables fertilized with a mineral prescription based on soil tests and compost made from the manure of our own animals

Work-Trade:  We sometimes have opportunities for work-trading to reduce the cost of our products


Customers can pick-up purchases at the farm or at delivery sites in town, or we can deliver large orders to your home.


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