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Welcome to the Living Earth Farm!

Located on 15 acres just west of the city limits of Eugene, Oregon, the Living Earth Farm was started in July 2007 by the Blick Family: Sharon, Jim, and Selena. Inspired by the book The Omnivore's Dilemma, we aim to grow food in a truly sustainable way while also increasing our community's food security. Our goals include raising happy animals, connecting people to their food, restoring native plants and wildlife habitat, and educating others, all while working together as a family and having fun in the process!


Seeking New CSA Members!

Sign up now for our Full Choice CSA!  You choose whether to subscribe for Produce, Raw Milk, and/or Eggs.  You get to decide how much of each, how often, and where to pick up.  If your total is over $100 per month, you get a 10% discount.   Pay monthly.  Free cancellations with 4 days notice.  Get a free account on our website where you can order extra products.  See our CSA page for more details.  Also: 22 organic pasture-raised chickens for sale now as stewing hens.  See Meat page.

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